Out of the Gates

» Automatic and Systematic Vehicle Upload to OVE, OpenLane, and SmartAuction from your Dealer Management System.

» Sell vehicles 24/7/365.

» Keep vehicles on your lot for retail, if sold online the vehicle is delivered to GRAA by the seller.

» GRAA will do a courtesy walk around and facilitate the sale.



                                   For more information contact Tom Krauel, Online Sales Manager or                                    Amelia Chandlee, Online Account Coordinator at 800-830-4722

Velocicast Tutorial 

»You can now bid and purchase vehicles from all 6 lanes in the comfort of your own office via Velocicast in Auction Pipeline!

»Effective January 1, 2018, all online Auction Pipeline/ Velocicast purchases sold Auction Guaranteed (Green Light) will automattically receive a complete Post Sale Inspection (7 Day Mechanical and Frame Guarantee) for a charge of $125. Buyers will be responsible for the charge.

Click here to view the Velocicast Tutorial

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