Out of the Gate

» Automatic and Systematic Vehicle Upload to OVE, OpenLane, and SmartAuction from your Dealer Management System.

» Sell vehicles 24/7/365.

» Keep vehicles on your lot for retail, if sold online the vehicle is delivered to GRAA by the seller.

» GRAA will do a courtesy walk around and facilitate the sale.

» Through the Out of the Gate program we sold vehicles in 40 of the 50 states in the country.



                                   For more information contact Tom Krauel, Online Sales Manager or                                    Amelia Chandlee, Online Account Coordinator at 800-830-4722

Velocicast Tutorial 

»You can now bid and purchase vehicles from all 6 lanes in the comfort of your own office via Velocicast in Auction Pipeline!

»Effective January 1, 2018, all online Auction Pipeline/ Velocicast purchases sold Auction Guaranteed (Green Light) will automattically receive a complete Post Sale Inspection (7 Day Mechanical and Frame Guarantee) for a charge of $50. Buyers will be responsible for the charge.

Click here to view the Velocicast Tutorial

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